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WILLIE DUNNING, 80, Dallas, formerly of Tyler, died. usagiftsshops.com Your source for local and national online classified listings. Search your neighborhood or nationwide for cars, real estate, pets, antiques, computers, boats.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph is a daily newspaper based in Tyler, Texas, U.S. It is privately owned by the T.B. Butler Publishing Company, Inc. The T.B. Butler Publishing Company, Inc. currently owns and operates Lifestyles magazine, usagiftsshops.com, and Butler Creative Group.

The newspaper's Sunday edition is known as the Tyler Morning Telegraph'.The Tyler Courier-Times was a sister.

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Tyler, Texas Overview. Tyler is the county seat of Smith County, Texas, and is named after President John Tyler. The population of this city is aroundusagiftsshops.com is the website for the Tyler Morning Telegraph Newspaper.

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Tyler paper
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