Maybe tomorrow

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Maybe Tomorrow (Stereophonics song)

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Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics

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Maybe Tomorrow

[Intro] / Ebmaj Cm7 Gm F x2 / [Verse 1] / Ebmaj I've been down and I'm wondering why Cm7 These little black clouds keep walking around Gm F With me, with me Ebmaj It wastes time and I'd rath. Two New Songs Out Now! Hard Times. Don't Go. Lyrics to 'Maybe Tomorrow' by Stereophonics.

I've been down and / I'm wondering why / These little black clouds / Keep walking around / With me / With me / It. Lyrics to 'Maybe Tomorrow' by Michael Jackson.

I don't know how many stars there are up in the heavenly sky / I only know my heaven is here on earth / Each time.

Maybe tomorrow
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